Tibia Movie for 7.6!

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Tibia Movie for 7.6!

Post  GM Fusion on Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:36 pm

This is where you download tibiamovie to watch movies made by players. Saves files as .tvm

To run movie you do the following:

1. Install Tibia
2. Install TibiaMovie
3. Put all your movies in your TibiaMovie folder.
4. Run Tibia
5. Run TibiaMovie and press "Activate", then press "Play"
6. Click "Enter Game" in Tibia client and click "OK" or press ENTER.
7. Select movie you'd like to watch and click "OK" or press ENTER.
8. Enjoy the movie.

To record a movie following the bottom instructions, or following these instructions with pictures!
1: open Tibia and TibiaMovie remember do NOT use an ipchanger!
2: start with pressing record
3: press on "Custom server" then this will apears:
write the ip and press "OK"
4: press "Activate"
5: logg in, play, record, and share
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